Carol Bridger

Have trained with Andy for 5 years now firstly to lose weight, then to keep fit and toned throughout pregnancy to 34 weeks, then to lose weight and train for vlm 2013

Steve Longhurst

Having spent all my adult life working in the building industry, now aged 59 I have been struggling with shoulder impingement issues for a couple of years. The standard treatment for this ailment is cortisone injection, these take down inflammation and allow pain free movement, but only short term. September 2018 I had an injection booked, but had also been advised by a friend to book some sessions with Andy, maybe he could help, rather than keeping on with the injections. So the first session I had booked with Andy, the shoulder pain was almost off the scale and I also had a jab booked with the doc in the afternoon. Well, that morning, Andy carried out an assessment and started me on a steady course of varying exercises, working on stretch and release work to the muscle groups surrounding the shoulder impingement and other areas he also identified as contributory. Essentially and amazingly after session 1, the relief in pain and the increase in movement and rotation had improved substantially. I was actually so impressed and relieved, I cancelled the appointment for the cortisone injection. Many months on, Andy has designed a full programme of exercise that has gradually built strength in the shoulder areas and also improved strength and movement in both upper and lower body. Aged 60 this year, I have a couple of cycling challenges lined up, which six months ago I had serious doubts that I would be capable of participating in. Thank you Andy, I feel more in control now that I have a whole new set of tools to address injury problems, without relying on cortisone.

Jax Pahl

Ah the good old YMCA Redhill days. Andy is a great trainer, he takes time to understand an individuals needs and goals and each session offered variety. PT is a great way to achieve goals and keep motivated, I for one get really bored of the gym and got disheartened when I didn't keep to it. Training with Andy changed that and years later I am still pulling out Andy tricks at the gym

Ben Parratt

With APT I was able to get fit enough to join the RAF. APT provided the drive, equipment and enthusiasm toward fitness which enabled me to enjoy training whilst boosting my fitness levels to gain the fitness required and more for the military. I couldn't recommend APT more highly.